Mélat Seyoum is a student midwife, full spectrum doula, reproductive justice advocate and geospatial analyst based in Brooklyn, New York by way of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Mélat completed her training as a certified full-spectrum doula and midwifery assistant through Ancient Song. She is also a Lactation Counselor with experience in prenatal nutrition and herbal medicine. Her practice is centered on a desire to provide pathways to safe, meaningful and empowering pregnancy experiences. Mélat has attended births in homes, hospitals and birthing centers. She embraces holistic wellness and healing that connects mind, body, and spirit. 

As a freelance geospatial analyst, Mélat spends much of her time bringing stories to life through maps. With expertise in GIS, remote sensing, web mapping and data visualization, she offers consulting services to startups, small business and nonprofits. She also facilitates community tech workshops focused on dismantling the global digital divide through subversive cartographies and critical pedagogy. Mélat believes that the revolution will be digitized and builds technology integration models for resilience and liberation.

When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.
— Audre Lorde


Provide emotional, physical and informational support to people across the full spectrum of pregnancy experiences including: abortion, adoption, bereavement, surrogacy, fetal anomaly, miscarriage, postpartum and stillbirth.

 Geospatial Consultant

Offer GIS consulting services to startups, small business and nonprofits. Develop approaches on how open source technology can be used as a tool for liberation pedagogy and radical imagination.


Resources, commentary and news on topics ranging from sexual, reproductive and birth justice to discussions on tech integration models. Posts are rooted in socioeconomic justice, community wellness and healing.