Photography by Cyrus Kabiru

Dismantling the Digital Divide

With expertise in GIS, remote sensing and data visualization, Mélat offers consulting services to startups, small business and nonprofits.

She also facilitates community Tech Workshops centered around dismantling the global digital divide. The workshops explore the many ways in which open source technology and subversive cartography can be used as a tool for radical imagination and liberation pedagogy.  Beyond applying the software the workshops are designed to empower us in becoming vanguards of the digital revolution.



GIS Analyst/ Developer: Freelance Consultant, New York and Jersey City

  • Provide GIS support with a specialty in developing interactive web mapping applications.

  • Create cartographic products and perform geospatial analysis and modeling.

  • Design, develop and maintain interoperable geospatial database systems.


Data & Visualization Analyst: Regional Plan Association (RPA), New York, NY

  • Conducted quantitative, qualitative and geospatial research on public health, economic development, climate resilience and affordable housing for The Fourth Regional Plan.

  • Led the research team in building interoperable information architecture frameworks.

  • Implemented data management policies to standardize and streamline research workflow.

  • Facilitated community engagement workshops for low-income residents of color throughout NY-NJ-CT in partnership with grassroots, base-building organizations.


GIS & Remote Sensing Research Fellow: Environment MASSDEP, Boston, MA

  • Designed and coded applications for image processing, climate change adaption and environmental modeling software.

  • Developed PostgreSQL databases and managed geospatial layers on Geoserver.

  • Created interactive data portals and web mapping applications using ArcGIS API for JavaScript to standardize geospatial data manipulation.

  • Generated Python automation scripts for data loading, processing and QA/QC.

  • Facilitated community-based environmental justice advocacy and climate change resilience workshops for campaign trainings.


GIS Research Intern: International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Pretoria, South Africa

  • Gathered remote sensing imagery of the Zambezi basin and created seasonal time series maps.

  • Designed an interactive flood mapping database of the Barotse floodplain.

  • Assessed the socio-economic feasibility of groundwater usage in agricultural productivity.

  • Evaluated irrigation expansion factors, analyzed grid-level flood frequencies and assessed damage to crops and households.

  • Developed Python toolboxes for cartographic workflow automation and data management.

GIS Intern: International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • Provided GIS, demographic research and data support for the Impact at Scale Program.

  • Compiled and developed metadata for GIS suitability modeling projects.

  • Updated and maintained environmental and agricultural geodatabases.

  • Transcribed, coded, and analyzed qualitative data.